Our Mission
We are great family committed with, and passionate about, bringing a unique and traditional flavor, homemade style, for any moment in the life of consumers.

Our View
Being the most recognized and prefered company in prepared foods at the national level due to its traditional and unique homemade flavor ; also, achieving coverage in Central America and the South of the US markets through a profitable and innovative portfolio, with committed and passionate people part of a socially-responsible company.

Our Values
  • Honesty: We do only what is correct to keep recipies and tradition of Mexican dishes through the creation of our "Technologically Cooked-in-Home" process.

  • Innovation: We quickly adapt to the continuous changes in the market to always provide fresh and qualified solutions to our consumers.

  • Quality: We concern about the seleciton of raw materials to guarantee freshness of our ingredients and products so they are at the top of our consumers´ needs.

  • Commitment: We are a great enthusiastic family and determined to bring seasoning to all our products.

  • Family: Owners and Shareholders, Coworkers Managers, Suppliers, Clients and Consumers, we all share seasoning of CHATA® Products.  
"Our plant is not a factory, it is a kitchen"

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