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Sharing our special homemade taste.

We have more than 16 Tiendas CHATA™ in Culiacán and Mazatlán. In those exclusive stores you can find all of our products in one same place. They are far more than just a simple point of purchase. They bring a whole experience for people who look for Mexican food with the highest quality and a homemade taste.
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If you live elsewhere in Mexico or you prefer buying from home, you can now get our CHATA™ products
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Aeropuerto Culiacán

Address: Interior Aeropuerto Internacional. Phone: 7-60-47-60


Address: Address: Dr. Mora 1300 Local 5. Phone: 7-12-16-16


Address: Av. Las Américas 1162 Edificio B. Phone: 7-53-15-98


Address: Blvd. P. Infante 1846-4 Local 2 pte. Phone: 9-92-09-20


Address: Dr. Mora 1702 esq. Eucaliptos. Phone: 1-72-04-41


Address: Dr. Romero 60-6 Col. Chapultepec. Phone: 7-16-75-52


Address: Blvd. Anaya 1608. Phone: 7-13-59-35

La Primavera

Address: Av. Kiki Murillo 102-21 A La Primavera. Phone: 7-44-01-89


Address: Escobedo 281 Pte. Phone: 7-13-45-65

La Conquista

Address: Blvd. Conquistadores 1800 Lt. 2 y 3 Norte


Address: Obregón 2998 L-1 plaza Cristo Rey. Phone: 7-16-33-73

Valle Alto

Address: Blvd. Valle Alto 2626 Lt. 8. Phone: 7-89-50-54


Address: Álvaro Obregón 854 Sur. Phone: 7-16-32-36


Address: Camino Real 5, Col. Bachigualato. Phone: 7-60-83-98

Plaza Fiesta

Address: C. Comercial Plaza Fiesta L33-B. Phone: 7-14-67-60


Address: Av. Camarón Sábalo 6298 Local B,Zona Dorada. Phone: (669)-990-22-40